Last Friday afternoon at the Give Concert at Stanford Hall in Lutterworth the Scouts and Explorers attending Ardeche went along to help the campers take their kit from the car park to the camp site for donations.

All the hard work raised £230 which is going towards the paddling practice and training needed for the trip by the Hotdoggers canoeist.

Well done guys!
Summer is here and what a way to kick it off with not one, not two but three Chief Scout Bronze awards! Three Beavers from the Anstey Thursday Colony where presented the awards by Paul Smith, District Commissioner.

Oliver, Jake and Louis have all worked hard to complete 
their award, competing various different Challenge 
Badges and Activity Badges. Having completed the 
highest award that a Beaver can get its time for them to
say good bye to Beavers, and to cross the bridge over to
their next big adventure... Cubs!

Well done Oliver, Jake and Louis for your hard work in 
gaining your award and have a fantastic time when you 
start Cubs after the summer!
Charnwood Scouts from Syston, Sileby, Barrow,Mountsorrel and 
Queninborough took to the waters of the beautiful Watermead 
Country Park, for the fun challenge of building their own raft to race 
against one another across the lake! 

Each group rose to the challenge of building a raft, as Thomas 
Fletcher, 11 from Sileby Scouts explained: “We need four barrels, we
put them in the best square shape we can, and then we’re basically 
getting wood and putting like a frame around it and lashing it 
together with square knots… we’re going to put them on the water 
and race them.” When we asked what the aims of the raft race were, 
Thomas told us: “keep it afloat, don’t let them fall apart, and win!” 

We watched Scouts put every ounce of effort into expertly 
constructing the rafts and racing them as quickly as they possibly 
could, using team work and dedication to help each other paddle in 
rhythm. The atmosphere was competitive yet exciting, each team 
with cheering supportive leaders and a sense of achievement as 
each of the well-built rafts managed to stay afloat. 

After a set of heats and semi finals, Queniborough Scouts were 
crowned the winning team of this years’ raft race! Stefan Mistor, 12 
from the Queniborough team commented: “we worked together and
we gave it everything we could!” But keeping with the team spirit, he
also said “what counts really is the taking part.”

Well Done to Syston Scout & Guide Band at The Halesowen TYMBA Competition on being Runners Up in the Championship Class. Also winning Percussion, Drill, Turnout & Mallets!
Ever wondered how it feels to spend a weekend Gliding? Well the Scouts of 1st Mountsorrel were 
the first group in Charnwood to take part in a magnificent weekend camp in the Gliding Centre at 
Husbands Bosworth Airfield! The Centre is associated with the Air Scouts of 1st Kilworth Scout 
Group, which provides young people with the chance of taking part in various flying activities, 
including the exhilarating sport of gliding.
When we arrived on the Sunday morning to meet the Scouts and their Leaders, they were a 
bundle of excitement; eager to inform us of the incredible activities they’d already taken part in.
Rachael, 13 told us about how she got to use a flight simulator: “We basically had a remote 
control and on the computer screen there was a helicopter… it was helping us to learn how to
control something and how to use the gears and gliders; it was good fun, it wasn’t easy to use 
but it was a good challenge.”

We also had the privilege of watching each of the Scouts launch into the air as they had their very 
first gliding experience. The nervous energy of the Scouts was evident as they left the ground, how
ever the massive grins across their faces as they landed portrayed sheer joy! Thomas, 11 excitedly
told us of how it felt to be gliding in the air: “You just feel complete weightlessness, it was 
amazing!” Gary, Scout Leader of 1st Mountsorrel told us why he would definitely consider doing 
another gliding camp in the future: “With all the facilities we’ve got it works really well; it’s 
something we’ve not organised before. It’s been fantastic; really, really good!”

Visit for more information about how to get your Scouts involved in a 
fantastic weekend gliding experience! 

It’s award season, and three Beaver Colony’s from Charnwood have won a Beaver Bafta! 
The Beaver Bafta is awarded to Beaver Colony’s across the County who have had a large growth in 
members over the past 5 years. There were 29 Colony’s across the County who were awarded a 
Bafta, and three of them were our very own Mountsorrell, Woodhouse Eaves and Anstey. 
This is a great achievement for the District as it shows that there are lots of young people 
wanting to join in with the adventure of Scouting, and that the Leaders in the District are providing
 a fantastic programme for the young people. Mandy, Leader at Anstey told us that with more 
people taking part in community events “like the gala and the duck race things, you end up with 
more joining.”

Have you ever wondered what some of the great programme ideas Beaver Leaders have come up 
with to keep the young people flooding in with excitement? Well when Woodhouse Eaves were 
awarded their Bafta, they were at the Leicester Lions Speed Way working on their cycling skills 
which all of the Beavers enjoyed, especially Ethan who arrived at the start of the night with his 
stabilisers on, and through determination, effort and support from his Leaders, he found the 
courage to take off his stabilisers to ride on his own for the very first time! What an incredible 
achievement, and when asked what he’s going to do when he gets home he said “I’m going to tell 
my mum and dad and they will be very proud of me.”

Well done to the three Colony’s for all your hard work and dedication in receiving a Beaver Bafta!

Inspired from a suggestion by a Scout to ‘help their local community’, our churchyard was recently given a good tidy up. In spite of it being one of the dampest and coldest days of the spring half term holidays, around a dozen Syston Scouts and some sisters and a couple of mums eagerly
awaited their delegated task.

Wayne Evans, Scout leader and his wife were organised with equipment and the team set to work. Paths were revealed, even the secret path from Rectory to Church can now be seen, brambles attacked, wildflower seeds sown and two insect hotels erected. After a final clear up of their cuttings, they were pleased to look back proudly on the difference they had made. Their enthusiasm, hard work and respect they showed for this special space in their community is to be commended. In a time when the youth of our society seem always to be knocked, Well Done Scouts and helpers. Many thanks to you all. Brian Middleton, Church Warden, and St Peter & St Paul Church. Wayne Evans, Scout Leader said: “There were approximately 12 of us there on the night. The spades, forks pruners etc…were donated by a company called Fiskars Ltd who manufacture Gardening equipment and the weedkiller and the two Insect Hotels which we put up in the
churchyard were donated by Doff Portland Ltd. In total we estimated we moved approximately 500Kgs of branches, weeds and dirt from the path, all of which we took away with us. We uncovered approximately eight headstones that had been covered by weeds and ivy and we
sowed a few wild flowers. We are very grateful for the generous support of Fiskars and Doff Portland

News Story and Photo From Syston Scout Group Website

Cubs and Leaders from Bradgate took to the waters at the Scout Sailing base for a fun night of water activities. The boats they were in required great skill from the Cubs, and leaders, to control and navigate around the lake. It was a fantastic night had by everyone and not a single towel went home dry.

If you would like to take your group sailing then check out the water activities team website