Over 100 Beaver Scouts from across the District spent last weekend at Hollygate Campsite for a unforgettable weekend of Drama on their Showtime 1:1 Camp!

Each Beaver Colony had their own West End Show, ranging from Beauty and the Beast to Hairspray, with each colony hosting their own activities relating to their chosen West End Show. The Beavers had a fun-packed weekend skipping from base to base; for example in Syston’s ‘Fame’ base the Beavers got to wear leg warmers and had dance lessons, in Sorrel’s ‘Shrek’ base they made ginger bread men and Shrek ears, and in Wolds’ ‘Lion King’ base the Beavers took part in a jungle obstacle course. 

The Saturday of camp ended with a campfire and tug of war, where Quorn Beavers claimed victory! All the Beavers had a fantastic weekend, and Sunday morning was spent bouncing around on tremendous inflatable activities. 

Have a look at our photos to see the Beavers in action on their 1:1 Camp...
V4 Explorers had a night to remember last week, as they were given the challenge of creating and recording their very own Zombie Apocalypse!

Using Syston Scout HQ as their stage, the Explorers worked as a team to devise a route for the apocalypse to take place. They then divided themselves into characters, deciding who would be the victims and who would be the zombies. The Explorers even experimented with prosthetic makeup, ‘zombifying’ themselves into gruesome, spooky characters!

Click on the video below to see the V4 Zombie Apocalypse in action...