Cubs dressed as police officers
Bradgate Cubs where treated to an evening with the local beat Police Officer. They got to dress up like a Police Officer, learn about what they do in the community as well as learning some top tips to stay safe like stranger danger.

It was a brilliant night had by the Cubs and they learnt a lot, and not only was it a great night for the Cubs but one of the Scouts was presented with their Chief Scouts Gold award.

Three more Scouts from the District have achieved their Chief Scout Gold Award. This is the top award in the Scout section and requires a lot of hard work and dedication to complete all the badges and challenges needed for the award. 

Congratulation to Matthew, William and Jonathan from the 77th Bradgate Scout Group for gaining your awards, which where presented by High Sheriff Richard Clowes at the County Awards Evening.

We hope you continue with your Scouting adventure in Explorers!
The 4th of September marked the start of an era as the 40th Leicester (Anstey and Newtown Linford)
Scout Group opened their second Cub Pack for the very first time- and what a fantastic opening it 

The Leaders worked incredibly hard by joining together both Cub Packs for the evening, setting them
the challenge of working as a team to create an enormous wooden bridge out of pioneering poles. 
There wasn’t a single gloomy face as each of the Cubs got stuck in, eager to learn knots and lashings
from their talented leaders!  When we asked Leo Armstrong, 9 how he felt opening a second Cub 
Pack would benefit the community, he excitedly told us “I think it makes the community better 
because if there are two packs, we can do two things at once!” Fin Morely, 9 also told us “it’s good 
because there’s more options so you can chose different nights to go Cubs if you can’t make it one 

During the evening we were joined by special guests such as the Head Teacher of Woolden Hill 
Primary School, who expressed his delight in the opening of a second Cub Pack: “It’s lovely for the 
children that they’ve got a choice of different activities, a lot of these children wouldn’t necessarily 
want to do football clubs and various things like that so I think it’s just a great opportunity for them 
to do something different.” We also had the privilege of welcoming Martin Broomhead, Chairman of
the Parish Council, who told us how the council intended to support the Scout Group: “We actually own the building that the Scout Group uses, and we have obtained quite a large grant from the local
housing developer that we’re going to use to upgrade it.”

Just to make the opening of the second Cub Pack even more special, two of the 40th Leicester’s 
Leaders received their Woodbadge, having completed their full adult training! Cub Leader Greg 
Garner said “I feel very honoured to be honest; it takes a lot of hard work so it’s good to receive it in 
front of the Cubs.” Beaver Leader Angela Cohen told us how she felt to receive her Woodbadge in 
front of her Beaver Colony “it feels lovely to do it in front of all of them… I just feel like I’m giving 
something back to the community!”

A wonderful evening was enjoyed all round by Leaders, Young People and Parents alike; we wish the
new Cub Pack and all the best for the future!

See the photos below.

Article by Holly Sloan
On a sunny weekend in early July Pirate Beavers from East Goscote Scout Group, set sail to John's Lee Wood Scout Campsite for their annual sleepover.  Pirate adventures began with a treasure hunt around the site and the making of pirate hats. The pirates were in fine voice all weekend and everyone had a fab time.