The Alison Cub Pack at Barrow upon Soar have only been running since September but they have had a very busy couple of months and last night was a big awards night which recognized everything the young people achieved. 

The Cubs where split into their new sixes and then Group and District Chairman Trevor came to present the awards. There where awards for carrying the heavy flag on parade, the funniest Cubs and so much more, and wide selection of badges where also presented including the paddle sports badge and home help - so mum that means they can sew their own badges on!

There was a special guest, Raven the Beaver Leader came to present the Cubs who moved up from Beavers with their moving on awards and one very special Chief Scout Bronze award. Also some special thank you gifts to the Young Leaders and Parent Helper who come along and help every week.

Congratulations to all the Cubs! How many badges and awards will you get next term?...
Santa, Elves, christingle and Beavers, all sounds very bazzar doesn't it? Well that's what happens when you have a Beaver stile christingle service.

Beavers raced to dress up like Santa and then they had to race to dress up the Leaders, beards and all, they also sang traditional carols like White Christmas, We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Little Donkey. They also found out the top 10 toys Santa and his Elves are making this year - Lots of Beavers will be getting Star Wars Light Sabers this Year!

As well as all of the fun and games the Beavers also learnt about the meaning of a Christingle and thought about those who are less fortunate and the Christmas.

The service was fantastic and thank you to St Mary's Church for hosting the District.
Christmas started in Barrow as the Wilford Cub pack made a Christmas tree! The decorations where made by hand by all the Cubs and is a picture of them in Santa hats with all the badges they have achieved- which as you can see is a lot!

Both packs from Barrow also took part in the annual Santa fun run in Loughborough where they dressed as Santa and joined hundreds of others in a Charity fun run. They had a fantastic time and even met the Leicester Tigers mascot. What a way to start the festive season!