What an action packed weekend! Saturday saw over 200 Beavers descend and a day of fun of adventure began!

The Beavers took part in many different activities such as bouncy castles with a special disco castle , grass sledging,  making flying ships, marshmallow toasting and super popular Jungle trail!

Joining in all the fun was the mischievous Charlie Charnwood who ensured that everyone had a smile on their face.

In the evening the Beavers enjoyed a campfire with lots of singing and dancing and lots of investitures around the campfire too, including a whole new Beaver colony -  Barrow Allison Beavers.

On the Sunday it was the turn of the Cubs to have there big birthday blowout! 

They too took part in a a huge range of activities, similar to the Beavers but they had a special activity, the gun carriages where they had to work as a team to get their cannon up the hill to fire the balloon.

The Cubs also had a campfire where they too sang silly songs, had investitures and sang happy birthday before heading home with cake and a party bag... the perfect end to one amazing weekend.  
The rainy weather didn’t dampen the spirts of Beavers and Cubs from the District this weekend, as they took part in their annual ‘It’s a Knockout’ fun day! Each Beaver Colony and Cub Pack in the District competed against each other around a fantastic course of inflatable obstacles to collect points for their group.

Each round became more of a challenge as the Beavers and Cubs went from the inflatable slide to the bouncy obstacle course. Jack Gunbobbin, 8 from Mountsorrel told us all about his experience: “I’ve been first twice! I felt proud of myself because there was like 9 rounds so I was quite lucky to be first twice. My favourite part is probably the race that I did because we did all three of the bouncy castles, and jumping in the paddling pool; that was really fun as well. Its good because you get all wet then you have to collect a ball and go round all the inflatables again whilst holding a ball and whilst wet so it was really fun”.

Of course it wasn’t just the young people competing – a Beaver Scout Leader and a Cub Scout Leader from each group also competed in the it’s a Knockout Challenge! A fun and enjoyable day was had by all. Congratulations to the Winning groups; Rothley Beavers and Sileby Cubs.  

‘We are the Romans, the Charnwood Romans, wearing our armour and our togas!’

In celebration of St Georges Day, Charnwood District held a Roman-themed camp at Rough Close Campsite! Beginning with a campfire, the Scouts and Explorer Scouts from the District took part in songs and created their own Sketches, including a St Georges Day re-enactment. 

As hundreds of Beaver Scouts arrived the following morning for a fun-filled day of activities, the Cub Scouts jumped on the bus for an exciting trip to Warwick Castle! Throughout the weekend the young people took part in a large variety of activities, including Land Zorbing, Archery, Human Hungry Hippos, and Inflatable Activities, which was visited by the Mayor of Charnwood. 

Explorer Scouts Shona, Josh and Will described the Human Hungry Hippos as ‘exhilarating, breath-taking and competitive!’. It was certainly a camp to remember, as Mathew Holms from Mountsorrel Beavers described the event as the ‘best Beaver day ever!’

Forget Leicester City and Jamie Vardy, it's all about Charnwood District's football legends.

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers came together for the District football tournament, with tense heats, close semi-finals and nail biting finals it was one very exciting day.

Everyone played at their best and it really showed with only a few points separating the teams, but ultimately only one team from each section could be crowned the champions.

So here are this years champions:
Beavers - Rothley A Team
Cubs - Quorn Wednesday 
Scouts/Explorers - Explorers

Well done to our winners and everyone who took part.
Head over to the events page to find out more about our Roman Camp for Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.
The Alison Cub Pack at Barrow upon Soar have only been running since September but they have had a very busy couple of months and last night was a big awards night which recognized everything the young people achieved. 

The Cubs where split into their new sixes and then Group and District Chairman Trevor came to present the awards. There where awards for carrying the heavy flag on parade, the funniest Cubs and so much more, and wide selection of badges where also presented including the paddle sports badge and home help - so mum that means they can sew their own badges on!

There was a special guest, Raven the Beaver Leader came to present the Cubs who moved up from Beavers with their moving on awards and one very special Chief Scout Bronze award. Also some special thank you gifts to the Young Leaders and Parent Helper who come along and help every week.

Congratulations to all the Cubs! How many badges and awards will you get next term?...
Ever wondered what its like to be a spy? Sneaking around like an MI6 agent? Well the Wilford Cub Pack at Barrow did just that!

They spent a night being spies, writing secret coded messages in invisible ink, cracking enemy codes and sneaking into the secret base to catch the evil villain - The District Commissioner! 

The Cubs had a fantastic evening but that's all we can say as everything else is Top Secret! ... But we do have some highly classified photos below.
Barrow upon Soar have officially opened a brand new Cub Pack! The Allison Cub pack was opened last week with 3 new Leaders and 12 new Cubs being invested into the movement.

The Cub Pack was opened because of the high demand for Scouting in the area, and named after a former member of the group who was a huge supporter of Scouting in the area.
District commissioner Paul Smith and two Leaders from the District where among those attending the launch evening of the Warning Zone's new E-Safety zone, designed to teach young people about internet safety.

For more information about the new E-Safety zone please see the poster below! 
Rearsby  celebrated their Golden Jubilee with a big party! 

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Leaders, Parents and ex- group members all came together and celebrated 50 years of Scouting in Rearsby. The young people set up camp outside the village hall whilst inside Parents looked around the hall at the various exhibits showing the history of the group.

There was a short AGM followed by award presentations for both the young people and Leaders. Two of the Explorers who went on the recent World Scout Jamboree in Japan and the Explorer Belt expedition both shared their adventures with everyone in the room.

Later on in the evening all the young people took part in  a campfire and camped over night and then took part in a range of activities the following day.

Here's to 50 years at Rearsby, and to the next 50!