Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Charnwood District hero's! 500 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explores 
and Network flew to Johns Lee Wood for a weekend of fighting villains, fun and adventure. 

There where tons of activities during the weekend such as Super Sports Day where the hero's 
raced back and forth in egg and spoon races, running races, sack races and even sack over the 
head races! They also took part in selfie scavenger hunt, a hike through Bradgate Park - with one 
Leader getting lost again... 

The Scouts and Explorers also took part in paint balling which was exciting with them all saying 
what an amazing time they had. During the camp the Explorers went to the Leicester Outdoor Per-suite Centre and took part in the County cardboard box regatta, where they split in to teams and 
had to build a sea worthy boat out of cardboard and duct tape. There where some fantastic designs
and creations which looked amazing, but sadly sank when they entered the water. However the 
sinking didn’t stop them as they still swam the length of the course dragging what remained of 
their cardboard boats.

Later in the evening the Cubs hopped into their home made Batmobiles and raced down the dive 
in speedy time trials. Soon after there was a street fair with inflatables, street games and of course
super hero fancy dress!

Then it was time for the camp fire, which was lit by a rocket flying down from the tree and 
igniting the fire. Then the singing started with loud voices singing the favorites including boom-
a-chick-a-boom, on top of spaghetti and the every popular poo song.

Thank you to all the Leaders who gave their time this weekend, to the District Team for 
organizing everything and to all the super hero's who came!

See the video below and all the pictures here!
They’ve played the board game, now they’ve played it for real! Explorers and Network Members from
Charnwood headed down to London to take part in a life size game of Monopoly.

Roaming around London, the teams had to reach various locations and take a ‘selfie’ at each place. 
Some of the places they visited included Kings Cross Station, Whitehall and Trafalgar Square. They 
even visited No. 10 Downing Street!

At the end of the day they all went back to spend the night at Gilwell, the home of UK Scouting, 
where they played games all night long and took part in a range of activities on the Sunday.

The winners of the Monopoly Run were Team Battleship: Charlie, Josh, Ben, Joshua and Leo. 
Congratulations to the team and to everyone else who took part.

Lot's of Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts enjoyed learning about the wide range of faiths in Leicester by exploring a verity of different venues across the city. Everyone had a fantastic time both young people and Leaders.

The Cubs from Barrow where asked "What is Karma?" with one of them replying "It's a curry!". District Commissioner Paul Smith had such a good time going around with the Cubs from Barrow he didn't want to get off at his stop on the train he went all the way back to Barrow with them - Let's hope his navigation skills where up to scratch to find his way home!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the event, and hopefully you learnt a lot of new and interesting things. 

Below is a copy of the County article and photos of Charnwood at the event.

Inter Faith Week kicked off in a frenzy of activity with over 800 Scouts and Guides taking advantage of the Young People’s Inter Faith Trail. The trail, organised by the St Philip’s Centre, saw six places of faith and New Walk Museum Leicester open their doors to young people curious to learn what lay within.

With seven centres to visit and explore, there was something for everyone. The ISKCON Centre entertained with a variety of activities including musical meditation and sweet rolling; while Guru Nanak Gurdwara offered ‘Langar’ to the hungry trail followers around lunch time. New Walk Museum offered the opportunity to further explore many religious artefacts amongst its collections.

Central Mosque provided the opportunity to take in the huge space the main prayer hall has to offer. Many of the younger visitors were fascinated by the decorative tiles and Islamic script decorating the walls. However the Jain Centre left all those who took part in the trail awestruck by its impressive décor and beautiful statues.

There was also the chance to explore Leicester Cathedral and see where King Richard III will be reburied in March 2015. While the Salvation Army introduced the travellers to their rich history of social action and community projects. Some lucky visitors were even invited to play the drums.

Kameron Ram, 98th Leicester and Ryan Haughton, 1st Bowdens really enjoyed their day on the trail. Kameron enjoyed going around with his friend Timmy. “The Sikh Temple [Gurdwara] was my favourite, it was nice. I really enjoyed the drums at the Salvation Army”. Ryan liked exploring the city “I liked going to new places. My favourite place was New Walk Museum. There are loads of artefacts and information to see.”

It wasn’t just the young people who enjoyed the day. Leicestershire Scouts Facebook Group was full of positive comments summarising highlights from the day. Binita Patel posted “This was a great day…Leicester Scouts of all backgrounds/cultures visiting each other’s places of worship/faith and learning about each other’s cultures.” While Liz Young is already planning for next year! “It was great and I’m really hoping it runs again next year; already planning the building up for Beavers/Cubs!”

Every centre was very welcoming and a huge thank you must be said to all the volunteers who opened the doors to allow all the young people to visit and ask questions. Thank you to the St Philip’s Centre for co-ordinating the day.

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers across the District marked remembrance Sunday by talking part in various parades and activities. It's great to see everything all the young people have been taking part in, if you have any stories of what you have been taking part in or some photos then send them in to us and we will share it!  
Syston Scouts where out in force to support the annual Syston Carnival. The group ran a burger & hot dog stand, a coffee shop (With cakes!), a history of the group museum and the very popular crazy bikes! Where the rider had to peddle 10 foot on a specially adapted bike that altered your sense of balance making it a challenge to ride. Unfortunately nobody who tried it managed to do the 10 feet and win the £15 but some where very close. The band where also there preforming to the hundreds of people who came to the carnival.

Susannah Harrison of Charnwood District Scout Network received a very unexpected surprise at 
NORJAM 2014. 

County Network Commissioner Phill Sparks took to the stage in ‘Flux’ the 11-17s bar at NORJAM, where Suzie has been volunteering, to present her with the Queen Scout Award
Pack. “I chose Flux as the best place to award Suzie her pack because where else can you reach 
and inspire the next generation of Queen Scouts.” 

The gathered crowd of participants, who were enjoying a live band, were unaware of the reason for 
Phill’s visit until he took to the stage and called Suzie forward. They cheered enthusiastically as she
stepped forward to join Phill on the stage.

“It’s a very unexpected surprise. It was really nice, the reaction of the crowd was sweet and gave 
some moral support! It was such a perfect way to present me with my award. I hope its 
encouraging for the young people who were here to see someone receive the award.”

Suzie was presented with her Certificate at the County Awards Evening in April and attended 
Windsor for the Celebration of Achievement this year.

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Yours in Scouting,

Paul Smith
District Commissioner