East Goscote Scouts visited Caterpillar® Learning and Inspiration Centre at Desford in over two weeks in November.  

The Centre is run in conjunction Birmingham Metropolitan College and provides engineering apprenticeships for young people. The college gave a short talk about the history of Caterpillar® and about the different types of machinery made by the firm. 

Then came the hands on activities!  The Scouts learnt how to assemble a brake pedal and connect up the electrics to the brake light. 

 There was also a tour of the factory and a chance to learn about production lines. How much did the Scouts remember when they did the Lego challenge at the end of the evening?.....

Sitting in a Backhoe Loader in the Visitor Centre gave the Scouts a sense of the scale of these machines. 

Even the big kids enjoyed themselves! 

The final challenge of the evening was for each team to build as many Lego diggers as possible in 5 minutes. Scouts had to work together to form a production line and create the finished diggers to the exact specification. This got very competitive!

And the winning team managed to complete all seven diggers exactly to the specification and
within the time allowed!! No mean feat as it is definitely harder than it looks.  A very big thank you to Michael from BMC and to Mick, Adam, Phil & Andy from Caterpillar for their
time and their willingness to share their expertise.  The Scouts had a fab evening learning about
Technology and Engineering and who knows we may have some budding apprentices among them. 



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